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Studio Dance | Sophie and George

Wow what a fun session this was with a full time dancer Sophie and her swimming/part-time dancing brother George! Sophie was all in for this shoot. George however needed a bit of convincing but once he realized these weren’t your normal dance photographs he was game!

Dancers: Sophie and George

Choreo/styling: Jaimie Ashworth

Photography: Steve Lowe

Studio Dance Part 2 | Dante

I met Dante through a good friend who set up this session to help him with applications for dance scholarships and contests in the States. She bandied about things such as “too many credentials” and “most talented in his age group to hit the Vancouver scene.” I was contacted because she wanted “that pic” to help put him over the top with his essays for the contests. She then sent me a photo of him doing a crazy overstretched Russian and I was in!!

We coordinated times and I planned and enlisted Jaimie to help with choreography and styling (and to do some photos of her too). The day of the session I found Dante to be one of the most amazing 11 year olds I’ve met. Polite, funny, mature, and most of all coachable. Can’t ask for much more than that. This is what we came up with.IMG_7873IMG_7892-Edit IMG_7903-Edit-Edit IMG_8025-Edit

Studio Dance | Jaimie

Professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and part time student. These are just a few of the words you could use to describe the amazing and talented Jaimie. I’ve known Jaimie since she was 12 years old and even then her drive and talent was very evident.

We had reconnected over the summer and had planned to do a session but weren’t able to get it together until recently. What a great session. Power, control, passion. Loved it!


Taylor – Urban Dance

It’s funny the way things work and you realize that the world is indeed a very small place especially with the internet.

This is Taylor and she’s an amazing dancer! IMG_3348-EditShe’s also the daughter of friend from high school (it was a long time ago). Taylor also spent a month dancing and training in New York over the summer with Zack, one of my former students. One of her dance teachers Jaimie (one of my all time faves even though we aren’t supposed to have them) was also one of my former students. Not too many degrees of separation here!

Taylor’s Mom, Chris contacted me in late September to do some head shots and action photos. Dance photos? I was in!! I had a location in mind as soon as I heard “dance!” After a bunch of back and forth discussion regarding favourite dance styles and types of styles we set a tentative date of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Everything was weather dependent of course and over the next 2 weeks we watched the weather change from glorious warm fall days to cloudy, dark, rainy days.

The weekend approached and what did we get?

Rain Saturday, rain Sunday, and finally about 3 hours of no rain on Monday but with a heavy rainfall warning. The 8am texts began and we decided to go for it. We photographed for just over 2 hours and came away with some amazing images of some amazing dance. I’m still in awe over the power, flexibility, and grace Taylor demonstrated! Thanks Taylor and Chris for letting me capture these photos!!

The results:

IMG_3455IMG_3371-EditIMG_3646-Edit-2 IMG_3804-Edit

Jaxsen – LTSS Grad 2015

Jaxsen is one of my Grad reps for 2015 and has been waiting since last year to get these photos done! I’ve known Jaxsen for almost 7 years now and he’s become quite the young man. He’s a quality guy and a good person. Who could ask for anything more?

He (and his mom) wanted photos beyond the norm. They wanted photos that reflect who he is at this time in his life and that they’d be proud to show now and in the future! Photos that make you look great now and even better 10 or 20 years down the road. Why would anyone want to be like everyone else?

Thank you Jaxsen for representing me for 2015 and spreading the word that grad photos can be different and unique to you.

IMG_1589-Edit IMG_1709IMG_1618-Edit  IMG_1725 IMG_1732 IMG_6766-Edit IMG_6880-Edit

Smile! (you hope)

One of the reasons you never ask a child to smile is most kids really don’t know how to smile nicely. When taking photos of kids more often than not, you need to be a bit silly, or a lot silly, to get them laughing a bit and eventually the smiles will come naturally. Sometimes it’s funny noise or someone putting a pine cone on your head will be what it takes to get that genuine smile. Give it a try!

When I photograph kids and adults for that matter, I like them to see the photos on the back of the camera as we take them. Kids LOVE to see themselves on the camera and it’s an easy way to keep them interested for the next shot. It gets them comfortable in front of the lens and if they are meeting me for the first time, with me too! This all leads to natural genuine photos.

Anyway…. This is what  you hope happens when you ask a child to smile. Well frame 4 anyhow!



The Kiddo’s!

Matthew and Maelle.This is the second time I’ve gotten to photograph these two lovelies and it’s amazing to see them grow up and change. So much fun! Can’t wait until next year!

Ps. Michelle, we’re going to a different spot next year so I can have another park named after me! Just what the world needs is another “Steve’s Park”! The kid’s will be like, “Let’s go to Steve’s park! Not not that one, the other one! No not that one either, the other one! Moooom!”

IMG_3863 IMG_3760 IMG_3755 IMG_3737-Edit IMG_3699

The Individuals – Raincity Volleyball

Two of 80+ individual photos from the Raincity Volleyball sessions. Smiles this time! We were saving the attitude for the team shots. A three light setup set up in the main gym. I used the net to give a bit of perspective after deciding against using plain seamless paper.

Here are two of my faves! Again I coached them since they/are 11-12 years old and I’m proud to see them progress, get better coaching, and thrive. The fact that they’re sisters and I’ve taught them both is even cooler.

The photos:

Rain City Volleyball Club ~ Team and Individual Photos

I had the opportunity to do team and individual photographs of 81 young ladies from ages 13-18 and most of them taller than me! Raincity Volleyball Club is based out of Cloverdale B.C. and completely volunteer run. I’m so happy this club came into existence in Cloverdale as many of my former students that I coached in volleyball had a chance to keep playing and really excel! The sessions were even more fun because I got to see some great past students.

Thanks to Jeni for having me do these!!

Interested in playing higher level volleyball? Check out Raincity Volleyball.

One team photo for now (4 of my past students in this photo. It was good year for players!). Click to enlarge.


The Hanson Family

Meet the Hanson family and their new addition baby Lively! This session was pretty special because Mom is a teacher and Dad was my student teacher just last year. He is one of the most caring people and teachers I’ve ever met. What a lucky little girl to have parents like hers! I’d have to say I’m pretty lucky they let me do their portraits as well!

Thank you Leah and Brennan and welcome to the world Lively!

Relaxing and getting ready for the photos.

Wearing Grandma’s knitted hat and blanket.
All tuckered out.
Love this one.
Dad and Lively – safe and secure