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Jaimie – Outdoor Dance Test

Shooting dance in the studio is fun and you can do so much when you control the lighting but outdoor is a whole different thing. Jaimie and I have been photographing quite a few dance sessions lately in studio and I thought it was time to get out into nature again.

I saw this location on a friend’s Facebook timeline and asked the location. It took about an hour to scout out the area and find the best spots and times to photograph. A bit of arranging and we headed out to see what would happen. We had another photographer come along who happened to be one of my old students. They had never really photographed anything like this before so why not give someone new an opportunity? Checkout her images on Facebook and the web ~ Daniella Dolmans Photography.

We were hoping that potential clients may want to try something a bit different and do some dance in a location like this but I have to say it was challenging for Jaimie. Slippery and uneven footing mean a lot of ground poses. Jaimie almost took a bath a couple of times! Good thing I have a bunch of other outdoor locations on standby if someone wants some really different dance photos.

Some of the images from our adventure that day.

IMG_5623 IMG_5648 IMG_5660 IMG_5701 IMG_5707 IMG_5712 IMG_5734

Taylor – Urban Dance

It’s funny the way things work and you realize that the world is indeed a very small place especially with the internet.

This is Taylor and she’s an amazing dancer! IMG_3348-EditShe’s also the daughter of friend from high school (it was a long time ago). Taylor also spent a month dancing and training in New York over the summer with Zack, one of my former students. One of her dance teachers Jaimie (one of my all time faves even though we aren’t supposed to have them) was also one of my former students. Not too many degrees of separation here!

Taylor’s Mom, Chris contacted me in late September to do some head shots and action photos. Dance photos? I was in!! I had a location in mind as soon as I heard “dance!” After a bunch of back and forth discussion regarding favourite dance styles and types of styles we set a tentative date of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Everything was weather dependent of course and over the next 2 weeks we watched the weather change from glorious warm fall days to cloudy, dark, rainy days.

The weekend approached and what did we get?

Rain Saturday, rain Sunday, and finally about 3 hours of no rain on Monday but with a heavy rainfall warning. The 8am texts began and we decided to go for it. We photographed for just over 2 hours and came away with some amazing images of some amazing dance. I’m still in awe over the power, flexibility, and grace Taylor demonstrated! Thanks Taylor and Chris for letting me capture these photos!!

The results:

IMG_3455IMG_3371-EditIMG_3646-Edit-2 IMG_3804-Edit

Smile! (you hope)

One of the reasons you never ask a child to smile is most kids really don’t know how to smile nicely. When taking photos of kids more often than not, you need to be a bit silly, or a lot silly, to get them laughing a bit and eventually the smiles will come naturally. Sometimes it’s funny noise or someone putting a pine cone on your head will be what it takes to get that genuine smile. Give it a try!

When I photograph kids and adults for that matter, I like them to see the photos on the back of the camera as we take them. Kids LOVE to see themselves on the camera and it’s an easy way to keep them interested for the next shot. It gets them comfortable in front of the lens and if they are meeting me for the first time, with me too! This all leads to natural genuine photos.

Anyway…. This is what  you hope happens when you ask a child to smile. Well frame 4 anyhow!



The Kiddo’s!

Matthew and Maelle.This is the second time I’ve gotten to photograph these two lovelies and it’s amazing to see them grow up and change. So much fun! Can’t wait until next year!

Ps. Michelle, we’re going to a different spot next year so I can have another park named after me! Just what the world needs is another “Steve’s Park”! The kid’s will be like, “Let’s go to Steve’s park! Not not that one, the other one! No not that one either, the other one! Moooom!”

IMG_3863 IMG_3760 IMG_3755 IMG_3737-Edit IMG_3699

2013 – A Year in Review

Well 2013 is almost over and another year went by like a flash.  It was a bit of crazy year with raising our first child, losing my Mom, and having a busy year trying to define what direction my little photography business is going. I think I’ve figured it out mostly!

20+ years  ago I was working in a commercial photography studio for a great guy named Chester but wasn’t happy. Not enough people interaction and primarily product photography. I enjoyed the challenge of making products interesting but I guess I’m a people person so I ended up leaving there and shooting weddings and portraits freelance until I decided to go back to school.

Fast forward to 2013. I love to photograph people and I’m constantly refining my style and pushing my creativity. Lucky is one way to describe me. I’ve got a great wife that supports me, a family that encourages me, a daughter that thinks I have one giant eye glued to my face and is super patient for a toddler, and friends that think enough of my work to recommend me. I’ve met some great people this year who’ve trusted me to create images for them and I truly appreciate it.

Where to next? Senior photography. A new take on the old school studio portraits with a cap and gown,  is the next area of interest for me for 2014. Something different and hopefully relevant for today’s graduates. It started in 2013 with 2 great future graduates, Austin and Nicole. Both wonderful young adults with bright futures. I loved creating their images and showing who they are right now and they won’t be embarrassed of them 20 years from now either.

Below is a collection of images from 2013. There’s a lot of them so be warned! A few new ones of my daughter of course as she’s the highlight of my life.

Clements – Lamb

Time to get a bit caught up with the blog posts.

This is the wonderful Clements-Lamb family that met up with me in Fort Langley one cold morning. This session was a result of a gift certificate given to Lani (Mom) for her baby shower for Brandt. For me it was great that people think enough of my work to gift it! Thanks Michelle!

Anyway onto the shoot. Brandt, the little guy, was only 3 weeks old at the time!! What a cutie. We toured around for an hour or so and came up with some fun images of the day. A great and happy family! Thanks for letting me capture some images for you!!

Nicole – Senior

Nicole is my second Senior representative for 2013. Like Austin, I’ve know Nicole for quite a long time and her and her family have always been special to me. One of my very first kids to go on and play club volleyball and with the high school team. Her legacy is still evident at our school with a volleyball cheer that refuses to die!

Good student, ambitious, great athlete, easy to work with, and knows what they want in life. In short a perfect representative for what I am offering people. Nicole’s session was during the great fog of October. We took advantage of breaks in the fog and used the fog to our advantage. She rocked it and looked gorgeous in every shot!

If you want more information about experience feel free to ask Nicole or her Mom who was along for the shoot as well. Or even drop me a line if you have questions. Just click the “Contact me” link to the left.

Leave a comment here and on Facebook to show the love! Let others know if they may be interested in something unique and one of a kind for you and your grad.

Adam and Anmy

This is a very special engagement session for me as it was for my brother! Adam and Anmy met quite a few years ago and have been inseparable ever since. I couldn’t be happier for them.

It was sort of a loose photo session where nothing was set in stone except that they wanted some material to frame and put up in their house and that Lacey, their dog, was involved in some of the photos. The day like many in October this year was absolutely fantastic. The cold dry weather helps the leaves to change into some amazing colours. Here are a few from the day. If you like them or want to send a congratulations to the happy couple, leave a comment!