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Studio Dance | Sophie and George

Wow what a fun session this was with a full time dancer Sophie and her swimming/part-time dancing brother George! Sophie was all in for this shoot. George however needed a bit of convincing but once he realized these weren’t your normal dance photographs he was game!

Dancers: Sophie and George

Choreo/styling: Jaimie Ashworth

Photography: Steve Lowe

Taylor – Urban Dance

It’s funny the way things work and you realize that the world is indeed a very small place especially with the internet.

This is Taylor and she’s an amazing dancer! IMG_3348-EditShe’s also the daughter of friend from high school (it was a long time ago). Taylor also spent a month dancing and training in New York over the summer with Zack, one of my former students. One of her dance teachers Jaimie (one of my all time faves even though we aren’t supposed to have them) was also one of my former students. Not too many degrees of separation here!

Taylor’s Mom, Chris contacted me in late September to do some head shots and action photos. Dance photos? I was in!! I had a location in mind as soon as I heard “dance!” After a bunch of back and forth discussion regarding favourite dance styles and types of styles we set a tentative date of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Everything was weather dependent of course and over the next 2 weeks we watched the weather change from glorious warm fall days to cloudy, dark, rainy days.

The weekend approached and what did we get?

Rain Saturday, rain Sunday, and finally about 3 hours of no rain on Monday but with a heavy rainfall warning. The 8am texts began and we decided to go for it. We photographed for just over 2 hours and came away with some amazing images of some amazing dance. I’m still in awe over the power, flexibility, and grace Taylor demonstrated! Thanks Taylor and Chris for letting me capture these photos!!

The results:

IMG_3455IMG_3371-EditIMG_3646-Edit-2 IMG_3804-Edit

The Hanson Family

Meet the Hanson family and their new addition baby Lively! This session was pretty special because Mom is a teacher and Dad was my student teacher just last year. He is one of the most caring people and teachers I’ve ever met. What a lucky little girl to have parents like hers! I’d have to say I’m pretty lucky they let me do their portraits as well!

Thank you Leah and Brennan and welcome to the world Lively!

Relaxing and getting ready for the photos.

Wearing Grandma’s knitted hat and blanket.
All tuckered out.
Love this one.
Dad and Lively – safe and secure

2013 – A Year in Review

Well 2013 is almost over and another year went by like a flash.  It was a bit of crazy year with raising our first child, losing my Mom, and having a busy year trying to define what direction my little photography business is going. I think I’ve figured it out mostly!

20+ years  ago I was working in a commercial photography studio for a great guy named Chester but wasn’t happy. Not enough people interaction and primarily product photography. I enjoyed the challenge of making products interesting but I guess I’m a people person so I ended up leaving there and shooting weddings and portraits freelance until I decided to go back to school.

Fast forward to 2013. I love to photograph people and I’m constantly refining my style and pushing my creativity. Lucky is one way to describe me. I’ve got a great wife that supports me, a family that encourages me, a daughter that thinks I have one giant eye glued to my face and is super patient for a toddler, and friends that think enough of my work to recommend me. I’ve met some great people this year who’ve trusted me to create images for them and I truly appreciate it.

Where to next? Senior photography. A new take on the old school studio portraits with a cap and gown,  is the next area of interest for me for 2014. Something different and hopefully relevant for today’s graduates. It started in 2013 with 2 great future graduates, Austin and Nicole. Both wonderful young adults with bright futures. I loved creating their images and showing who they are right now and they won’t be embarrassed of them 20 years from now either.

Below is a collection of images from 2013. There’s a lot of them so be warned! A few new ones of my daughter of course as she’s the highlight of my life.

Naya – Newborn

Say hello to the beautiful new Naya!! She is all of 3 weeks old in these photos and what a wonderful little girl she is. Congratulations to Mom and Dad, Nicole and Deeps, and to big siblings Brennan and Sarita.

I was so happy to get the call to come and photograph Naya when I heard that she was born. It’s kind of exciting to source out the props and create photos that she’ll be showing her kids long into the future. No crazy poses. Organic, natural and timeless.

A special thank you to Sarah of MichelleSarah photography. Find them on Facebook >> HERE


To Danielle of Personell Creations for the great baby props! Find her on Facebook >> HERE

Feel free to leave them some nice comments below or on FB!!


New blog

Finally a new blog! I’ve been wanting to have a spot to write a little more about the photo sessions I’ve done and the people I’ve met along the way (like Mattia from Italy). I have been posting to Facebook but with Facebook’s new user agreement, they technically own all the images. Not cool at all.

So some cool stuff that I’ll be offering soon. Prints, enlargements, photo packages, albums, accordion books, flush mount books, cards, and a bunch of other neat products.
Photo-wise I’m happy to say I’ve selected 2 Grade 12 students as representatives for a new style of graduation photos beyond the cookie cutter studio shot with with book background. More to come on that soon.
Anyway stop and visit often and see what’s new. I hope to update this blog on a regular basis. Feel free to leave a comment below or share the love through Facebook!