001/365 – Feb.12, 2010

Feb. 12, 2010, originally uploaded by Flowbie.

Today I’m starting Project 365 where you take a photograph a day for an entire year. The photographs are supposed to be meaningful and in the end you are able to see you life in a whole new way.

This is the first photo in this project. February 12, 2010 is also the opening day of the winter olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia and basically shows how I spent 5 hours of my life!!

More new Social Networking and Convergence

Google Buzz. Heard of it? Me neither until today.

Google (the new evil empire) has layered new features onto their hugely successful Gmail. They seem to have combined the elements of Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook all into one. Buzz has the ability to stream your shared information to your friends and since it’s based on Gmail, that could be quite a few people. Should be interesting how this turns out for them and I’m interested to see how integrated it will be in their Android phone operating system. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll support the iPhone but not the Blackberry! Boooo…

Anyway, check it out for yourself… Gee, you know what? I really miss my friends from Uni. They’d totally be geeking it out with me and trying it out.


It’s gone

Well it’s the end of an era. The Z1000 will be gone as of Saturday. An amazing bike with power to spare and best of all it photographed well! The lack of plastic made for more intricate details that aren’t visible on regular sport bikes. Here’s a couple of pics.

This was taken on the side of the road off the Fraser River just outside of Fort Langley. What do I like about this shot? I find it somewhat dramatic mostly because of the angle of the shot. This particular shot is also a good example of the Rule of Thirds.

This shot was taken when I first got the bike in 2005. Night photography is not an easy thing and most good night photography is not truly taken at night but rather at dusk or dawn. It’s important that the sky have some detail if at all possible otherwise the image may have too much negative space. This was taken at dusk under a street lamp in a parking lot. The contrast was enough to be dramatic but not enough to lose highlight and shadow detail. No post processing was done here.

Playing with Tilt and Shift photography

So I’ve been playing with a lot of different digital processing techniques just to see what they do. My friend Michelle has been a bit of an inspiration as she’s doing the 365 photo challenge which is a photo a day. I’m not too sure if anyone is even looking at these photos of mine but I’ll keep posting so at least I have a record of what I’ve been doing.

Here’s the tilt and shift technique in photography. It’s similar to using a very wide open aperature and having a very blurred background. The effect it creates is that the main subject appears to be a minature model.

Want to try yourself? Here’s a web application to try here.

HDR – High Dynamic Range Photography

HDR photography is the combining of several over, under, and normal exposure images to create a photo with a larger tonal range. It’s pretty damn cool that’s for sure.

The originals are -1, Normal, +1 exposure values:

Here is the result of the three images combined together. I like it although it does have a certain unrealistic quality to it.

Starting out…

Well I got super spoiled this Christmas when my wife bought me a new camera for Christmas!! She gave me a Canon EOS Rebel T1i which is one very nice camera. It came as a complete surprise and I had no idea that she had gotten it for me. Back in the day I used to shoot professionally doing product work, portraits, and weddings when I had time. That was a long time ago and a new career has taken it’s place but as soon as I got this camera I started to look at things in a different way again. Like a photographer. So if anyone is reading any of this… I’m going to try to start shooting stuff more regularly and hopefully be somewhat interesting!

Here’s an old photo from the summer done with a point and shoot Canon.

And here’s one from the new camera. Just playing around with the manual exposure because until the digital cameras I’ve never owned a camera with auto-exposure. It’s always been full manual for me.