Top 25 of 2014

It was a fun year photographically. I got to photograph some amazing athletes during the Canadian Special Olympics held at UBC, photograph some amazing families and grads, had a great reconnection with a past student who’s an amazing dancer, person, and I’m happy to be collaborating with in the new year on more dance sessions. I’ve been very lucky to have had wonderful support from many different people¬†and most of all, an amazing family that supports me. I’m looking forward to seeing (and photographing) what comes up in 2015!

Here’s 25 of my favourite images of 2014.IMG_9638IMG_9788 ¬†IMG_9528-Edit IMG_8035-Edit IMG_8025-Edit IMG_6783-Edit_smooth IMG_6110 IMG_6053-Edit-Edit IMG_4848-Edit IMG_4072 IMG_3699 IMG_3646-Edit-2 IMG_3585-Edit-2 IMG_3420 IMG_8640 IMG_2691-Edit2 IMG_2477-Edit IMG_1836 IMG_1726 IMG_0953 IMG_0523-Edit IMG_0041 IMG_0027 IMG_8025-Edit IMG_7971-Edit

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