Studio Dance | Sophie and George

Wow what a fun session this was with a full time dancer Sophie and her swimming/part-time dancing brother George! Sophie was all in for this shoot. George however needed a bit of convincing but once he realized these weren’t your normal dance photographs he was game!

Dancers: Sophie and George

Choreo/styling: Jaimie Ashworth

Photography: Steve Lowe

Jaimie – Outdoor Dance Test

Shooting dance in the studio is fun and you can do so much when you control the lighting but outdoor is a whole different thing. Jaimie and I have been photographing quite a few dance sessions lately in studio and I thought it was time to get out into nature again.

I saw this location on a friend’s Facebook timeline and asked the location. It took about an hour to scout out the area and find the best spots and times to photograph. A bit of arranging and we headed out to see what would happen. We had another photographer come along who happened to be one of my old students. They had never really photographed anything like this before so why not give someone new an opportunity? Checkout her images on Facebook and the web ~ Daniella Dolmans Photography.

We were hoping that potential clients may want to try something a bit different and do some dance in a location like this but I have to say it was challenging for Jaimie. Slippery and uneven footing mean a lot of ground poses. Jaimie almost took a bath a couple of times! Good thing I have a bunch of other outdoor locations on standby if someone wants some really different dance photos.

Some of the images from our adventure that day.

IMG_5623 IMG_5648 IMG_5660 IMG_5701 IMG_5707 IMG_5712 IMG_5734

Sherrill and Peter ~ Wedding

I’ve known Sherrill for a quite a few years now and was very happy when she told me that she was getting married (actually we talked about it even before she got engaged)!! When she asked me to do her wedding photos I was even more excited. I’ve been looking forward to photographing this wedding from the day she asked. I love being able to tell a story with photographs and what better to do that with than the wedding of a good friend?

It was a small and intimate wedding with family and friends at the historic Milner Chapel in Langley. The reception was at the Little White House in Fort Langley and if you enjoy shabby chic, you’ll love this venue!

Thank you Sherrill and Peter for letting me be part of your day.

IMG_4744IMG_4789 IMG_4813 IMG_4822 IMG_4841 IMG_4925 IMG_5125 IMG_5183IMG_5230 IMG_5278 IMG_5369