Taylor – Urban Dance

It’s funny the way things work and you realize that the world is indeed a very small place especially with the internet.

This is Taylor and she’s an amazing dancer! IMG_3348-EditShe’s also the daughter of friend from high school (it was a long time ago). Taylor also spent a month dancing and training in New York over the summer with Zack, one of my former students. One of her dance teachers Jaimie (one of my all time faves even though we aren’t supposed to have them) was also one of my former students. Not too many degrees of separation here!

Taylor’s Mom, Chris contacted me in late September to do some head shots and action photos. Dance photos? I was in!! I had a location in mind as soon as I heard “dance!” After a bunch of back and forth discussion regarding favourite dance styles and types of styles we set a tentative date of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Everything was weather dependent of course and over the next 2 weeks we watched the weather change from glorious warm fall days to cloudy, dark, rainy days.

The weekend approached and what did we get?

Rain Saturday, rain Sunday, and finally about 3 hours of no rain on Monday but with a heavy rainfall warning. The 8am texts began and we decided to go for it. We photographed for just over 2 hours and came away with some amazing images of some amazing dance. I’m still in awe over the power, flexibility, and grace Taylor demonstrated! Thanks Taylor and Chris for letting me capture these photos!!

The results:

IMG_3455IMG_3371-EditIMG_3646-Edit-2 IMG_3804-Edit

Samantha ~ Sands Secondary Grad 2015

Meet Samantha.

I put out a call for a potential Grad models in August and had a wonderful response. It was a difficult choice to decide who would be representing Steve Lowe Photography for 2015 and in the end it was Samantha who won out not just for her great smile but because she was a cheerleader! I’d never photographed any type of cheerleader before but knew exactly the one defining shot I wanted to capture. I even had a location and time of day picked to do something amazing, I just needed someone to photograph there!

We started out under the pier at White Rock Beach and despite some initial nerves, Sam really started to rock the session. I truly cannot believe how many great images I got from that day and how unbelievably easy¬† she was to work with. It kind of went like this, “Try this…ok, can you balance on this? Sure., Now walk along this concrete tube onto a small platform surrounded by water and pull some cheer moves… I’ll try!” So awesome!!

I’m very happy that Sam is representing me this year. From our chats during our session I found that she very much wants to succeed in life and is willing to put the work in to meet that goal. Have a great Grad year Sam. Enjoy every minute of it and thank you!

IMG_2495 IMG_2381-Edit-2-Edit IMG_2534 IMG_2592 IMG_2477-EditIMG_2737 IMG_2684

and the shot I always had in my head…