What the duck???

Photo tip!!

When photographing people, dogs, landscapes, or whatever it’s always a great idea to pay attention to your surroundings. Back (way back) in the day when I was enrolled in photography at Langara, my instructor always said good photographers always get it right in the camera. Now that was definitely true back then because we worked with film and you couldn’t just remove objects out of a photograph like you can now. Which leads to a dilemma of, “is it still a photograph if it’s been photoshopped?”

Personally and professionally, I believe that it’s still a photograph if the integrity and intent of the image hasn’t changed. If it enhances but doesn’t alter the meaning (such as a news photograph) it’s good.

Anyway, I wanted to show an example of why it’s important to get it right in the camera and how moving your subject 12 inches can save you a lot of time.

A before and after!

Before and After