Teagan and the beard

Okay it’s actually Teagan and Nathan but boy does she hate the beard!! I have to admit that I really like the beard as it really gives Nathan a unique look. Kinda hipster’ish. We both appreciated the fact that he trimmed it for the session though!! Now I’ve photographed with Teagan before but not Nathan. Teagan and I were joking before the session that we hoped he could keep up and did he ever. This guy is a natural in front of the camera!

We’ve been planning this session for a few months now and after a few non-starts we finally got it done. Weather was great (ie. no rain) and so we started in Downtown Langely then moved our way to Derby Reach. It’s fun to mix up the locations up. A bit of urban and a bit of country. We were going for a bit of a fashiony, editorial, lifestyle portrait session and I think we achieved that.

I really enjoyed this session as these are both really great people who care about each other and it shows. Thanks again guys!


IMG_0003  IMG_0027 IMG_0041 IMG_0265-2 IMG_0270 IMG_0242-Edit


The Soon Family

The Soon Family. I thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t put 2 and 2 together until the day of our session. While getting organized with this lovely family I was chatting with the patriarch, Gerald. I asked him how he came to contact and book me for our session that day and it turned out that he was cousins with my Aunt Gina! It’s definitely a small world we live in.

So Gerald and I had planned this session to coincide with his daughter and her family were visiting from Stockholm. I have to say I can appreciate the care and attention they put into this session. From the very beginning I sent an information sheet on how to best dress as a family for a session. You want to coordinate colours and tones but not match. They did a wonderful job of this despite the vast distances apart. I imagine there was a lot of Facetiming to get it all right.

The Soons were a terrific, welcoming, and willing to try anything family. Thanks everyone, you were wonderful to work with!!



Shehani | Lord Tweedsmuir Class of 2014

I’m super late in blogging the beautiful Shehani’s Senior/Grad photo session but better late than never!

Shehani contacted me at the beginning of June wanting to get some grad/senior photos done after seeing Nicole’s and Tyler’s photos. After some back and forth with her and her mom we planned a session for the following week. Shehani wanted a more outdoor natural setting similar to Nicole’s photos and believe it or not we did our session all within walking distance of her family’s home. Luckily, they live in a more rural area and there was no shortage of interesting areas to photograph in! She really did rock this session. Absolutely amazing.

Best of luck at University next year!

Your Grad photos should reflect who you are. You do not have to have the same grad photos as the other 800 kids in your graduating class.

Be different.

Now some photos of the stunning Shehani.


IMG_6092-Edit-Edit IMG_6053-Edit-Edit IMG_6071-Edit IMG_6112

Special Olympics Canadian Nationals

Finally another Blog post! I just spent the last 3 days volunteering with the Special Olympics in Vancouver, BC photographing the National Championships. There we teams from all over Canada and every province and territory was very well represented.

I’ve volunteered for the BC Summer games a few times and I quite enjoyed helping out with those events but the SO were some… special. Every single athlete, volunteer, and coach was amazing. Every athlete was so appreciative of the efforts of all the volunteers and they were so happy to be participating. The demonstrated a real passion to making the games an experience to remember for the athletes and it showed in their enthusiasm and the genuine caring they had for every athlete.

I cannot be any happier that I got to experience and try and capture the essence of the games. I captured just over 3200 images over the 3 days, given about 1000 high fives, and got a sunburnt nose! All in all a super successful 3 days.

I have to thank my wife Julina for supporting my photography addiction and daughter Brynn for forgiving Daddy for being pretty spotty with attendance for the last 3 days. I’ve mentioned my friend Barry before, but thanks again for getting me involved in the games!


Pics. These are all JUBE pictures!! (JUBE=jubilant!)

IMG_8503 IMG_8516 IMG_8623 IMG_8640 IMG_8733 IMG_8758 IMG_8842 IMG_8847 IMG_8860-2 IMG_8867-2 IMG_8869-2 IMG_8874-2 IMG_8918-2 IMG_8933 IMG_8936 IMG_8941 IMG_8947 IMG_8960 IMG_8987 IMG_9068 IMG_9072 IMG_9093