Smile! (you hope)

One of the reasons you never ask a child to smile is most kids really don’t know how to smile nicely. When taking photos of kids more often than not, you need to be a bit silly, or a lot silly, to get them laughing a bit and eventually the smiles will come naturally. Sometimes it’s funny noise or someone putting a pine cone on your head will be what it takes to get that genuine smile. Give it a try!

When I photograph kids and adults for that matter, I like them to see the photos on the back of the camera as we take them. Kids LOVE to see themselves on the camera and it’s an easy way to keep them interested for the next shot. It gets them comfortable in front of the lens and if they are meeting me for the first time, with me too! This all leads to natural genuine photos.

Anyway…. This is what  you hope happens when you ask a child to smile. Well frame 4 anyhow!



The Kiddo’s!

Matthew and Maelle.This is the second time I’ve gotten to photograph these two lovelies and it’s amazing to see them grow up and change. So much fun! Can’t wait until next year!

Ps. Michelle, we’re going to a different spot next year so I can have another park named after me! Just what the world needs is another “Steve’s Park”! The kid’s will be like, “Let’s go to Steve’s park! Not not that one, the other one! No not that one either, the other one! Moooom!”

IMG_3863 IMG_3760 IMG_3755 IMG_3737-Edit IMG_3699