The Individuals – Raincity Volleyball

Two of 80+ individual photos from the Raincity Volleyball sessions. Smiles this time! We were saving the attitude for the team shots. A three light setup set up in the main gym. I used the net to give a bit of perspective after deciding against using plain seamless paper.

Here are two of my faves! Again I coached them since they/are 11-12 years old and I’m proud to see them progress, get better coaching, and thrive. The fact that they’re sisters and I’ve taught them both is even cooler.

The photos:

Rain City Volleyball Club ~ Team and Individual Photos

I had the opportunity to do team and individual photographs of 81 young ladies from ages 13-18 and most of them taller than me! Raincity Volleyball Club is based out of Cloverdale B.C. and completely volunteer run. I’m so happy this club came into existence in Cloverdale as many of my former students that I coached in volleyball had a chance to keep playing and really excel! The sessions were even more fun because I got to see some great past students.

Thanks to Jeni for having me do these!!

Interested in playing higher level volleyball? Check out Raincity Volleyball.

One team photo for now (4 of my past students in this photo. It was good year for players!). Click to enlarge.