The Hanson Family

Meet the Hanson family and their new addition baby Lively! This session was pretty special because Mom is a teacher and Dad was my student teacher just last year. He is one of the most caring people and teachers I’ve ever met. What a lucky little girl to have parents like hers! I’d have to say I’m pretty lucky they let me do their portraits as well!

Thank you Leah and Brennan and welcome to the world Lively!

Relaxing and getting ready for the photos.

Wearing Grandma’s knitted hat and blanket.
All tuckered out.
Love this one.
Dad and Lively – safe and secure

2013 – A Year in Review

Well 2013 is almost over and another year went by like a flash.  It was a bit of crazy year with raising our first child, losing my Mom, and having a busy year trying to define what direction my little photography business is going. I think I’ve figured it out mostly!

20+ years  ago I was working in a commercial photography studio for a great guy named Chester but wasn’t happy. Not enough people interaction and primarily product photography. I enjoyed the challenge of making products interesting but I guess I’m a people person so I ended up leaving there and shooting weddings and portraits freelance until I decided to go back to school.

Fast forward to 2013. I love to photograph people and I’m constantly refining my style and pushing my creativity. Lucky is one way to describe me. I’ve got a great wife that supports me, a family that encourages me, a daughter that thinks I have one giant eye glued to my face and is super patient for a toddler, and friends that think enough of my work to recommend me. I’ve met some great people this year who’ve trusted me to create images for them and I truly appreciate it.

Where to next? Senior photography. A new take on the old school studio portraits with a cap and gown,  is the next area of interest for me for 2014. Something different and hopefully relevant for today’s graduates. It started in 2013 with 2 great future graduates, Austin and Nicole. Both wonderful young adults with bright futures. I loved creating their images and showing who they are right now and they won’t be embarrassed of them 20 years from now either.

Below is a collection of images from 2013. There’s a lot of them so be warned! A few new ones of my daughter of course as she’s the highlight of my life.

Naya – Newborn

Say hello to the beautiful new Naya!! She is all of 3 weeks old in these photos and what a wonderful little girl she is. Congratulations to Mom and Dad, Nicole and Deeps, and to big siblings Brennan and Sarita.

I was so happy to get the call to come and photograph Naya when I heard that she was born. It’s kind of exciting to source out the props and create photos that she’ll be showing her kids long into the future. No crazy poses. Organic, natural and timeless.

A special thank you to Sarah of MichelleSarah photography. Find them on Facebook >> HERE


To Danielle of Personell Creations for the great baby props! Find her on Facebook >> HERE

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Clements – Lamb

Time to get a bit caught up with the blog posts.

This is the wonderful Clements-Lamb family that met up with me in Fort Langley one cold morning. This session was a result of a gift certificate given to Lani (Mom) for her baby shower for Brandt. For me it was great that people think enough of my work to gift it! Thanks Michelle!

Anyway onto the shoot. Brandt, the little guy, was only 3 weeks old at the time!! What a cutie. We toured around for an hour or so and came up with some fun images of the day. A great and happy family! Thanks for letting me capture some images for you!!

Austin – Senior

I’ve known Austin for a number of years and I’ve seen him grow up from a gangly kid to a tall, strong, and confident young man. He was a perfect 2013 Senior to represent what I am trying to do. Create something special that reflects the graduate.

Austin LOVES football. Eat, sleep, and breathe. It may just be his ticket to the next stage in his life and his future ambitions. When we talked about doing photos, we wanted to reflect who he is at this moment in time. Graduation photos really mean something to the subject when it’s somewhere they have good memories. I think we achieved that (and they’re just plain wicked).

If you want more information about experience feel free to ask Austin or his Mom who was along for the shoot as well. Or even drop me a line if you have questions. Just click the “Contact me” link to the left.

Leave a comment here and on Facebook to show the love! Let others know if they may be interested in something unique and one of a kind for you and your grad.

Nicole – Senior

Nicole is my second Senior representative for 2013. Like Austin, I’ve know Nicole for quite a long time and her and her family have always been special to me. One of my very first kids to go on and play club volleyball and with the high school team. Her legacy is still evident at our school with a volleyball cheer that refuses to die!

Good student, ambitious, great athlete, easy to work with, and knows what they want in life. In short a perfect representative for what I am offering people. Nicole’s session was during the great fog of October. We took advantage of breaks in the fog and used the fog to our advantage. She rocked it and looked gorgeous in every shot!

If you want more information about experience feel free to ask Nicole or her Mom who was along for the shoot as well. Or even drop me a line if you have questions. Just click the “Contact me” link to the left.

Leave a comment here and on Facebook to show the love! Let others know if they may be interested in something unique and one of a kind for you and your grad.

The Olafsons

I’ve know the Olafsons for a very, very long time and it was amazing to finally get the chance to photograph them. After a non-start due to unforeseen circumstances, we finally made it happen one cold Saturday morning. We headed to Fort Langley to do our session and the made a little tour of the town photographing as we moved and Sugar the super cute dog following us and photo bombing the photos.

It was very much like old times the walking and chatting. I had taught the 3 B’s; Brea, Brynn, and Brylie so it was great to catch up and find out what’s been going on in their lives. It was a good thing we managed to get the photos done when we did before all the ensuing knee surgeries!!Thanks Jacquie and Chad for letting me photograph your family!

Adam and Anmy

This is a very special engagement session for me as it was for my brother! Adam and Anmy met quite a few years ago and have been inseparable ever since. I couldn’t be happier for them.

It was sort of a loose photo session where nothing was set in stone except that they wanted some material to frame and put up in their house and that Lacey, their dog, was involved in some of the photos. The day like many in October this year was absolutely fantastic. The cold dry weather helps the leaves to change into some amazing colours. Here are a few from the day. If you like them or want to send a congratulations to the happy couple, leave a comment!

The Taylors

A beautiful Fall day.

Wonderful friends.

Amazing light.

Simple equation for some magical photos. We used the last bit of light to make some memorable family portraits. The Taylors have been great friends for many years now. They’ve been there for many of my life’s moments both good and bad. It was my sincerest pleasure to be able to do these for them.