051/365 – Apr. 3, 2010

I went on a bit of a walkabout today to see what I could find and test out my new Canon 55-250 lens that I got for my birthday (THANK YOU Family!).

These guys were very gentle and even came to the fence to visit.

Wow I need to work on my images before it gets too late at night. I played around with the above photograph a bit because looking at it today it seemed a bit “flat” to me so I bumped up the contrast a bit. I think I like the results better.

Here’s a (100%) close up of his eye for sharpness comparison.

050/365 – Apr. 2, 2010

Well today was my father-in-law’s birthday which made it a great day to go out and eat!!! Of course we ended up at one of our (all of ours actually) favourite restaurants, Luxe in Langley. It’s about 4 hours since dinner and I’m STILL stuffed!! Soo good. I would have taken more pictures but I was too busy stuffing myself.

Here’s some pics of the carnage.

Yes, it was a King Crab!!! Last of the season and 8.5 lbs of goodness. Now here is the photo of the day, a self portrait!