048/365 – Mar. 31, 2010

My first real people shot of Project 365 which I find very strange because that’s all I really used to photograph. I found it odd when taking this photograph that I felt a bit of trepidation. Not because I didn’t know this person, actually it was quite the opposite, I know this person very well but more because I hadn’t photographed anybody except for family, friends, and students in 10+ years!!

This is a photograph of Mike. He is one of my barbers and along with Sam, they own Attractions in Central City Mall. Either Mike or Sam has been cutting my hair for almost 20 years and maybe more (I’ve lost count but I’m sure Sam could tell you).

I’m hoping to be able to start taking more photographs of random people that I find interesting. We’ll see!

Here’s the same shot doing a bit of Photoshop. Not too sure it’s not too cheesey though!

047/365 – Mar. 30, 2010

First of all thank you to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday! I’ve had a terrific couple of days and I’ve really enjoyed it despite having to work! I’m sorry I don’t have any birthday photos for you but here’s one of my Sunday night volleyball team!

Okay I didn’t take this picture but I do have one without me that I did take but I didn’t post that one. From left to right. Me, Matthew, Leah, Erica, Derek, and Steve. Erica and Steve have played the longest together along with another player who couldn’t make it this night, James. I’ve played with these people for last 5 or 6 years I think. Great fun.

046/365 – Mar. 29, 2010

Well volleyball is officially over for the season unless of course we can get our act together and put in another one for some Spring ball. We’ll see what happens there. This is a photo of the Harry Jerome Centre in Burnaby. It was actually 2 photographs “stitched” together using Photoshop CS4. I can’t wait to try some landscape photographs like this using multiple shots.

Click for a better view of the courts

The “before shot”

045/365 – Mar. 28, 2010

Playing with panning! Again, I didn’t really leave the house today except to go and play volleyball so this was shot from the deck. Not too bad considering where it was shot from but again, not my most interesting work. We have some very fast cars blowing by our condo and for once they came in handy. I was waiting for a motorcycle as they’re infinitely more interesting by nothing came by in about 10 minutes of waiting so I gave up. I have some more interesting shots for the next couple of days I promise.

044/365 – Mar. 27, 2010

I know a little slow in posting again but I didn’t make it out much this weekend. It’s an exciting time of the year because it’s planting season! We planted a bunch of seeds for ourselves as well as for J’s (no names used by request) Grade 1’s. It was fun for us to plant them as well. They’re really not very interesting to view right now because well… they’re just dirt!! We got these covers for the trays so they become mini greenhouses which is pretty cool and should reduce the amount of watering we need to do.

Can you see the pots? (Click for the larger photo)

043/365 – Mar. 26, 2010

Well today is notable for a few reasons. I have 2 friends who’s birthday’s are today!! Happy birthday to Nicole and Melanie!!

It was another beautiful day today and report cards are done so it’s time to think about the patio garden. We’ve got all the supplies and just have to do some planting now.

042/365 – Mar. 25, 2010

Another late post… it’s 2:32 am and I’ve just finished my report cards that are due tomorrow (sic. today). Of course no one’s fault but my own. I could have done them over spring break but then again it was supposed to be a break right? And then there was Tuesday and Wednesday but then again the Canucks were playing so I think we can pretty much make the conclusion which was more important!!

We went to my parents place for dinner on Thursday because they were paving our complex and here’s what we had for dinner.

Korean ribs. Mmmm….

This next photo is for all of you who think that I don’t know what a vegetable looks like! Remember some of us in life are meatasaurus by choice.

Now of course there were other foods (many infact. We are Chinese after all. It’s all about excess) as well but I only took pictures of these two items.

I still assert that a potato is a vegetable by the way and here’s my proof for all the nay-sayers. From wikianswers.com, “Yes, a potato is a considered a vegetable. The term vegetable is not a scientific term; the general definition is an edible plant or an edible part of a plant.”

041/365 – Mar. 24, 2010

I’ve been teaching my students a bit about photography in my Grade 6/7 class for Art this last little while and some have really taken to it. Today we discussed the rule of thirds as a means to help the composition of a photograph. We looked at how it could help to define motion, give a greater sense of the mood or help us to selectively focus on the subject of our shot. As you can see from the photograph above I’m focusing on the later.

Report cards are almost done thank goodness!!

040/365 – Mar. 23, 2010

Wow it’s so not nice to be back to work!! With report cards due in a few days I haven’t managed to get around to posting or taking any photos.

“This” happened yesterday…

I was so close to falling in front of the class when the chair collapsed as I was turning on it. Not too sturdy to say the least but that’s what you get for finding them by the recycling bin!! Free is not always good apparently.