Starting out…

Well I got super spoiled this Christmas when my wife bought me a new camera for Christmas!! She gave me a Canon EOS Rebel T1i which is one very nice camera. It came as a complete surprise and I had no idea that she had gotten it for me. Back in the day I used to shoot professionally doing product work, portraits, and weddings when I had time. That was a long time ago and a new career has taken it’s place but as soon as I got this camera I started to look at things in a different way again. Like a photographer. So if anyone is reading any of this… I’m going to try to start shooting stuff more regularly and hopefully be somewhat interesting!

Here’s an old photo from the summer done with a point and shoot Canon.

And here’s one from the new camera. Just playing around with the manual exposure because until the digital cameras I’ve never owned a camera with auto-exposure. It’s always been full manual for me.