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What the duck???

Photo tip!!

When photographing people, dogs, landscapes, or whatever it’s always a great idea to pay attention to your surroundings. Back (way back) in the day when I was enrolled in photography at Langara, my instructor always said good photographers always get it right in the camera. Now that was definitely true back then because we worked with film and you couldn’t just remove objects out of a photograph like you can now. Which leads to a dilemma of, “is it still a photograph if it’s been photoshopped?”

Personally and professionally, I believe that it’s still a photograph if the integrity and intent of the image hasn’t changed. If it enhances but doesn’t alter the meaning (such as a news photograph) it’s good.

Anyway, I wanted to show an example of why it’s important to get it right in the camera and how moving your subject 12 inches can save you a lot of time.

A before and after!

Before and After

Smile! (you hope)

One of the reasons you never ask a child to smile is most kids really don’t know how to smile nicely. When taking photos of kids more often than not, you need to be a bit silly, or a lot silly, to get them laughing a bit and eventually the smiles will come naturally. Sometimes it’s funny noise or someone putting a pine cone on your head will be what it takes to get that genuine smile. Give it a try!

When I photograph kids and adults for that matter, I like them to see the photos on the back of the camera as we take them. Kids LOVE to see themselves on the camera and it’s an easy way to keep them interested for the next shot. It gets them comfortable in front of the lens and if they are meeting me for the first time, with me too! This all leads to natural genuine photos.

Anyway…. This is what  you hope happens when you ask a child to smile. Well frame 4 anyhow!



2013 – A Year in Review

Well 2013 is almost over and another year went by like a flash.  It was a bit of crazy year with raising our first child, losing my Mom, and having a busy year trying to define what direction my little photography business is going. I think I’ve figured it out mostly!

20+ years  ago I was working in a commercial photography studio for a great guy named Chester but wasn’t happy. Not enough people interaction and primarily product photography. I enjoyed the challenge of making products interesting but I guess I’m a people person so I ended up leaving there and shooting weddings and portraits freelance until I decided to go back to school.

Fast forward to 2013. I love to photograph people and I’m constantly refining my style and pushing my creativity. Lucky is one way to describe me. I’ve got a great wife that supports me, a family that encourages me, a daughter that thinks I have one giant eye glued to my face and is super patient for a toddler, and friends that think enough of my work to recommend me. I’ve met some great people this year who’ve trusted me to create images for them and I truly appreciate it.

Where to next? Senior photography. A new take on the old school studio portraits with a cap and gown,  is the next area of interest for me for 2014. Something different and hopefully relevant for today’s graduates. It started in 2013 with 2 great future graduates, Austin and Nicole. Both wonderful young adults with bright futures. I loved creating their images and showing who they are right now and they won’t be embarrassed of them 20 years from now either.

Below is a collection of images from 2013. There’s a lot of them so be warned! A few new ones of my daughter of course as she’s the highlight of my life.

Adam and Anmy

This is a very special engagement session for me as it was for my brother! Adam and Anmy met quite a few years ago and have been inseparable ever since. I couldn’t be happier for them.

It was sort of a loose photo session where nothing was set in stone except that they wanted some material to frame and put up in their house and that Lacey, their dog, was involved in some of the photos. The day like many in October this year was absolutely fantastic. The cold dry weather helps the leaves to change into some amazing colours. Here are a few from the day. If you like them or want to send a congratulations to the happy couple, leave a comment!

New blog

Finally a new blog! I’ve been wanting to have a spot to write a little more about the photo sessions I’ve done and the people I’ve met along the way (like Mattia from Italy). I have been posting to Facebook but with Facebook’s new user agreement, they technically own all the images. Not cool at all.

So some cool stuff that I’ll be offering soon. Prints, enlargements, photo packages, albums, accordion books, flush mount books, cards, and a bunch of other neat products.
Photo-wise I’m happy to say I’ve selected 2 Grade 12 students as representatives for a new style of graduation photos beyond the cookie cutter studio shot with with book background. More to come on that soon.
Anyway stop and visit often and see what’s new. I hope to update this blog on a regular basis. Feel free to leave a comment below or share the love through Facebook!