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Studio Dance | Sophie and George

Wow what a fun session this was with a full time dancer Sophie and her swimming/part-time dancing brother George! Sophie was all in for this shoot. George however needed a bit of convincing but once he realized these weren’t your normal dance photographs he was game!

Dancers: Sophie and George

Choreo/styling: Jaimie Ashworth

Photography: Steve Lowe

The Soon Family

The Soon Family. I thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t put 2 and 2 together until the day of our session. While getting organized with this lovely family I was chatting with the patriarch, Gerald. I asked him how he came to contact and book me for our session that day and it turned out that he was cousins with my Aunt Gina! It’s definitely a small world we live in.

So Gerald and I had planned this session to coincide with his daughter and her family were visiting from Stockholm. I have to say I can appreciate the care and attention they put into this session. From the very beginning I sent an information sheet on how to best dress as a family for a session. You want to coordinate colours and tones but not match. They did a wonderful job of this despite the vast distances apart. I imagine there was a lot of Facetiming to get it all right.

The Soons were a terrific, welcoming, and willing to try anything family. Thanks everyone, you were wonderful to work with!!